Area Guide and Information

We welcome you to Chinatown!  We hope that you find the area warm, inviting, and full of surprise. Here is a list of activities that you may want to consider while you are in and around the area:

Chinatown Treasures
  • Pui Tak Center:  a cornerstone of the Chinatown Community, Pui Tak Center was the first structure built in traditional Chinese architecture in the area. 
  • Ping Tom Memorial Park:  located near the Chicago River, the Park is popular for kayaking and other activities.  There is a Field House on the premises that houses a gymnasium, fitness center and pool. The rooftop of their Skyline Deck offers great views of the city. 
  • Chinatown Square:  based on China's original Imperial Court, the Square acts as the neighborhood's center. The two-level mall is filled with local businesses and features twelve statues depicting the Chinese Zodiac Animals.
  • Sun Yat-Sen Park:  named after the Chinese Revolutionary, the Park is located just south of Chinatown and often features the playing of Xaingqi and Chess. 
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